Competition Goodies

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hey lovelys! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I am trying to get back on it! 

I'm not really sure if people are interested in these types of posts, but me personally I love being nosy and seeing what other people win!

The 3 pairs of lashes from GWA: 2 x Diva, 1 x Glamour Lashes
The first prize I won was from 'The Coffee Break' on their facebook page and I originally won 1 pair of  girls with attitude lashes but it got lost in the post so the lovely people sent me 3 pairs to make up for it!
I personally love the Girls with Attitude lashes, so easy and such fab lash designs! 

Diva Lashes 
Glamour Lashes

The competition I won was with the lovely Jay Gill Makeup Artist who had a fab prize of 3 Clarin products!! The prize consisted of 2 x Ombre Minerale in 05 Lingerie & 09 Lavender Tea & 1 x Limited Edition Face and Blush Powder! When I first saw the Face & Blush powder, I fell in love with it instantly, its absolutely gorgeous!

L-R: Ombre Minerale in 05 & 09
Limited Edition Face & Blush Powder

So thats all my competition wins for now! Would you guys like to see more of these posts (if I win anything that is?!) or if not, what else would you like to see?

Sian Ryan x

Review: Baby Shampoo - The BIG beauty bargain

Now I know the biggest chore for us beauty junkies & makeup artists alike is deep cleaning our brushes! I know its the absolutely worst and I hate doing it! Well, it doesn't help when you have a million brushes like myself and that being a makeup artist I am constantly washing them to keep them clean and thus going through hundreds (slight exaggeration there, but you know what i mean!) of bottles of baby shampoo, and if your buying Johnson's it soon adds up to ££££! 

Well, for the past few months I have been testing out another baby shampoo, and I have been meaning to write this post for a while now but I now can say I have found the most amazing bargain baby shampoo that is... 

Tesco's Everyday Value Baby Shampoo
Tesco's Everyday Value Baby Shampoo
I have been using this to deep clean my makeup brushes for a good few weeks now and I can honestly the only difference between this and the Johnsons Baby Shampoo is that the Johnsons foams up a bit more and smells nicer but.. Tescos baby Shampoo is 9p! Now I can hear you all gasping and thinking this can't be true, but it is! 9p for 500ml of baby shampoo when Johnsons retails for over a £1! 

It leaves my brushes feeling clean, soft and with a mild baby shampoo smell. I have gone through so much baby shampoo and at this price you really cannot fault the stuff!! In between washes I am also using brush cleaner aswell to clean my brushes but this does such a fab job of deep cleaning!!

There you go lovely's, the secret is out!
Will you be purchasing this fab beauty gem or sticking to your big branded baby shampoos?

Sian Ryan xo

Lovely Makeup Quotes!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Just thought I would share my current favourite makeup quotes!

"I don't like standard beauty - there is no beauty without strangeness." - Karl Lagerfeld

"The best colour in the whole world, is the colour that looks best on you!" - Coco Chanel

"Thats why I began doing makeup in the first place, I was hoping that through helping others see the beauty in themselves, I could try and find it in me." - Kevyn Aucoin

"Life is too short to spend hoping that the perfectly arched eyebrow or hottest new lip shade will mask an ugly heart." - Kevyn Aucoin

Theres a couple for now! Do you have any favourite quotes?

Sian x

WONDER 10: Update

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hey lovelys, finally here is the update on how I am getting on with the Osmo 'Wonder 10' Product. I wasn't a 100% sure this product would live up to its claims, which you can read about here.

Well... this product is AMAZING!! I have been using it for about 3 weeks and from the first time I used it, my hair felt soft and silky and had an amazing shine to it! As I mentioned in my previous post, my hair is extremely damaged and dry and nothing has really come to its rescue, apart from this!! I have also noticed that the condition of my hair has improved! I can't say it happened over night, but feel that recently its starting to feel less dry and alot more healthier which is so great as I am trying to grow my hair as I had a recent hair mishap with a different hairdresser than normal and now my hair is so short (and horrible! absolutely hate the length!)

I am singing all this products praises today, honestly its amazing! Its great if your hair is damaged, dry or if you just want 1 product to do everything for your hair! I believe it currently retails for about £11-£13 but I picked it up from my local beauty wholesaler for a lot less.

Have you tried this product yet? Or have you got a similar product you love?

Sian x

Wonder 10!

Monday, 9 July 2012

I am super excited to be writing this post! I finally have got my hands on the Wonder 10 leave in treatment by Osmo Effects! This product claims to literally be AMAZING for your hair and I am super excited to try it and hopefully share an amazing review with you all!

I am not one for using lots of products in my hair, I barely remember to use heat protectant and considering my hair is dry and damaged, I should be shot! I am also very much a 'stinge' with my money when it comes to hair products so a product that has 10 effects all in one in right up my street!

'Osmo Wonder 10 is a unique all-in-one Keratin based leave-in hair treatment with 10 wondrous effects. Designed to leave the hair feeling softer, silkier and more manageable with a radiant shine.

10 effects:
- Helps repair dry and damaged hair
- Nourishes and protects for radiant shine
- Thermal protection from styling tools
- Delivers soft, silky, more manageable results
- Contains colour protection complex
- Creates body and movement
- Incredible detangler
- Aids in the prevention of static
- Conditions both natural and synthetic hair
- Smoothes split ends and controls frizz

This product is making me excited already just typing about it and I cannot wait to try this in my hair! All you need to do is spray it in damp hair, towel dry then style as normal! Easy Peasy!
I purchased this product at my local beauty wholesaler for £5.90 on a VAT Free day but I believe it currently retails for around £11 for 250ml!

Will you purchasing this product?
Sian xo

No7 Cleansing Water: First Impressions

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Popping into Boots the other day, I really wanted to pick up some new skincare bits from No7 as I have heard alot of good things about them and also I had a No7 £5 off Voucher! ;-)

After umming & ahhhing for quite some time (I am hopeless at choosing) I finally picked up the No7 Cleansing Water. I have been wanting to try a Cleansing Water for quite some time and thought this would be a perfect time as I had the voucher and it made it a little more affordable! 

What No7 says:
No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water is enriched with zinc to help control oil for an even complexion. Pump the water onto cotton wool and wipe over the face to cleanse, refresh and balance skin for results that you can see and feel from morning to night.

This is for oily/normal skin and No7 claim that its '1 step to perfectly clean, refreshed and shine free skin.' The smell of this product is so lovely, its really summery and fruity yet light? I applied this to my skin but using the handy pump action using my fingers to work into my skin. It's really light on the skin and feels really refreshing. I then used a clean cotton pad and wiped off the product. After my skin felt so refreshed and clean. The product is really light on the skin so its a great alternative to cleansing creams when the weather gets all hot or even stuffy and you just want a light cleanser! I noticed that my oily t-zone was left shine free aswell! I would probably use this cleanser in the mornings as its really refreshing and light and not in the evenings because as a Makeup Artist I tend to wear quite alot of product on my face and it takes quite a few go's to complete remove all product off my face and I feel something like a scrub would be better for the evening!

Overall, for my first Cleansing Water, I think it is great, especially for the price but a little disappointed in how much you have to use to remove all traces of makeup!

The No7 Cleansing Water 200ml retails for £9 but with a £5 off voucher (they are currently floating around now!) it only comes to £4! Also, If you spend £25 in one go, you get a free gift from No7! You can purchase this online here or instore at Boots.

Sleek Blush Review

Thursday, 5 July 2012

I finally got my hands on some Sleek Blushes, Rose Gold & Flamingo. 

Sleek says:
A highly pigmented blusher to brighten and define cheekbones. The silky-fine formulation provides long lasting blusher which helps to create a subtle but radiant cheek area. 

Apply using a small powder/blusher brush, by swirling the brush over the surface of the blusher. Tap off excess powder and apply onto the apples of the cheeks to emphasise your cheeks and your smile, or just below the cheek bone to create a sculpted look.

These are the first blushes from Sleek that I have purchased and they definitely live up to the hype! They are so pigmented, affordable, long lasting and come in 10 shades! The packaging is really sleek and black too and comes with a handy mirror for when your on the go!

L-R (Rose Gold & Flamingo)

I absolutely love these colours swatched, cant wait to use them in my kit and in my makeup bag! 

Currently £4.30 for 8g of product from Sleek Makeup which you can purchase here

Sian x

Sleek Eau La La Liners Review

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sleek Eau La La Liners have been on the beauty radar for a little while now and I have had my eye on them for a while! I finally picked up 7 of the 20 colours in Superdrug the other day after having a massive makeup spend!

Sleek Eau La La Liners are smudge proof, multi purpose pencils that can be used on the lips, eyes and body and come in 20 amazing colours! I picked up Dragon Fruit, Moulin Rouge, Red Night Sky, White Noise, Canary Yellow, Cobalt Blue & Melba. 

Sleek says:
Highly pigmented with a unique waterproof formulation, Eau La La are the ultimate in liner luxury. Enriched with a soft, creamy formulation, Eau La La are perfect for use on the eyes, lips, brows and body.

L-R (White Noise, Canary Yellow, Red Sky Night, Cobalt Blue & Melba)

Sleek offer alot of Variety with the colours with the Eau La La Liners, with 20 show stopping colours ranging from Blacks & Browns to Bright yellows & Blues! The liners are extremely creamy and madly pigmented as you can see in the swatches above! These are also great to blend and its really hard to describe the consistency of these pencils! They also glide on like a dream and have great staying power! I struggled to get them off my arm with ordinary makeup remover and had to use an oil to remove! I am really looking forward to using these to create some bright looks for the summer!

The only problem I do have with these liners is that you have to be super careful when you open the lids, as when I opened them, the pencil itself came out! I know a few other people have had problems when sharpening them also :(

Overall I think these are great pencils and can't wait to get my hands on some more colours! These are available from Sleek Makeup here for £4 & at Superdrug for £3.99!

Sian x

Giveaway: Naked 2 Palette

Hey lovelys, just to let you know that over on The Cosmetics Kitten, Lauren is giving away the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette!! How exciting!

You can find the giveaway here and fingers crossed for everyone entering!

Sian x


Friday, 8 June 2012

Hey lovelys, Just a quick face of the day! Not done one before so dont be offended by my mug below haha!!

Benefit 'That Girl' Primer
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory
Dermacolour Camoflage DW1 (Concealer)
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium
Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer in 7
ELF Cool Bronzer (Bronzer, Highlight & Blush)

MAC Shroom - All Over lid
Mac Flip
Mac Tempting in the Crease
Mac Carbon in the outer corner & Crease
Loreal Mega Volume Collagene 24h Extra Black Mascara
Maybelline Gel Liner
Mac Spiked (Brows)
Mac Brun (Brows)

OCC Liptar in Vapid (lilac)
OCC Liptar in Ophelia (pink) 
mixed for ombre lips! :)

Are you loving the Ombre trend?

Sian x

MAC Wishlist: Eyeshadows

Saturday, 2 June 2012

The other day when I was browsing my local MAC Counter, I couldnt help but notice all the beautiful eyeshadows! Normally I purchase all my MAC cosmectics online, and the eyeshadows never get justice with the images on the site! On the counter they shine and sparkle and just absolutely fab! After my visit, I have made a little wishlist off all the eyeshadows I am craving at the moment and thought I would share them with you all! This is part 1 as there is so many!






Beauty Marked




All that Glitters

Well, theres my first 10 eyeshadows on the wish list. Searching for images and swatches has definitely made me 100% wanting these colours, they are absolutely beautiful! Cannot wait to start buying these!
Do you have any gorgeous colours on your eyeshadow wishlist?

Sian x

Images do not belong to me unless stated.


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Just a quick update, I have been really slacking in the blog department due to college, work & shoots ect but should be updating a lot more soon! Just a quick post to show you some of the images I got back from the TLC Sport shoot I did a few months ago.

TLC Sport is a fab sportswear company that offers loads of lovely gym gear, dresses, trainers and loads more and also they have a fab figure firming range that guarantees you look 1 dress size smaller! How fab! You can find them here (along with my images wahey!)

Anyways, here is some of my work from the shoot, let me know what you lovely people think!

:)! mwah xoxo

Garnier Samples!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hey lovelies! I know I have been away from my blog and it really needs some tlc and I am hoping that I will be able to give it that soon! Just thought I would do a quick post about the freebies Garnier are currently offering!

If you are like me, (major beauty obsessed junkie) you dont only want the new products out there, but NEED them. The Garnier BB cream has been out for a while, and the hype surrounding it meant no one could really escape it! 

Garnier say: 2 letters for perfect-looking skin...instantly! Garnier’s B.B. cream, Miracle Skin Perfector, with mineral pigments and vitamin C. It unifies, illuminates, hydrates and helps protect with SPF 15. Available in two shades.

You can get a free sample from Garnier here

Garnier are also offering a free sample kit of the new Garnier Body Intensive 7 Day Body cream and you can get it here.

"Imagine a body product that offers daily hydration so intense you feel it up to 7 days.
Garnier introduces its new Innovation, a light-weight non-greasy lotion enriched with natural ingredients for irresistibly soft skin that smells great.
- Nourishing Shea butter for dry to extra dry skin"
It comes in a huge range, varying from Shea butter, to Mango and Honey and also comes in 2 different size bottles also!

This is such a fab offer, especially as I love freebies too! I cant wait to receive my samples and give it a full on go!

Are you going to order some samples?
Sian x

Just a little update

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hey Everyone, Just a little update. I have been so busy recently, been at a bootcamp getting fit and doing college work, it all gets crazy! Also yesterday, I had the most AMAZING news! I don't want to say anything just yet incase I jinx it but if you follow me on twitter you might haved guessed haha!

Hopefully I shall be back into blogging soon, I have so much I wanted to blog about haha!
Sian xo

Quick Haul Post..

Monday, 26 March 2012

Just a quick post and picture of what I picked up yesterday in Boots! I absolutely love the Real Techniques brushes and have been dying to get my hands on them and now I have! I have the whole collection bar one brush! :( But at the moment they are currently 3 for 2 at Boots which is an amazing deal!! I will be doing another post just for the brushes and also for the other bits and bobs I picked up yesterday including 3 collection lipsticks and a No7 Brush! :)

Sian x

1940's Makeup!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hey everyone! Just a quick post to show you my 1940's makeup I did for a college assessment the other day! I have been so stressed with all my college work recently I haven't had time to post but heres a couple of piccies!

What do you think?

Sian xo

Illamasqua's Human Fundamentals

Friday, 9 March 2012

Well, well, well..
Its that time of year again when Illamasqua release a new collection, and wow do they certainly know how to kick a girl when she's down. I feel I have no words as its literally breathtaking!

Human Fundamentalism is the new Spring 2012 Illamasqua collection. Noted to be “an explosion of your alter ego. It’s becoming who you are and not who you’re told to be. Beauty isn’t conformity, but the fundamental human desire to express your inner self on the outside.” Alex Box, the creative director for Illamsaqua never ceases to amaze me! The collection consists of 2 nail varnishes, a precision ink, a skinbase foundation, sealing gel, 2 lipsticks, 6 eyeshadows and 2 palettes. The collection ranges from £10.50 - £30.

Personally myself I cannot wait to get the new precision ink in scribe and the incredible lipstick in apocalips!

What are your favourite pieces from the collection, if any?
Sian xo

KONY 2012

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hey Guys, this is not something that would normally appear on a beauty blog but I really need to put it out there. I watched the video last night and it moved me so much!

"KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice."

If you could spend just 30 minutes out of your day to watch and share this, you'd make such a difference! Don't let this carry on and be ignored
2012 is the year this ends.

Find out more at Kony 2012

Sian xo

Weird & Wonderful...

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Well, as I was looking through all my old photos, I just spied how many colours my poor hair has been! I thought I would make a series of posts, more personal so people can get to know the face behind this weird and wonderful? blog so heres a few of the hues and styles my hair has been in the past 6months! As you can tell I love my hair bright and different! :)

What do you think to the bright and different trends going round at the moment? Do you embrace it or hide from it?

Sian xo

Current Fashion Wish List

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Heres my current wishlist at the moment for all things fashion-y! 
A girl can dream can't she? ;-)

Have you got anything on your fashion wishlist?
Sian xo

WARNING: most amazing bag ever!!!

Thanks to the lovely Victoria from I have come across the most amazing bag I have ever set my eyes on!

This is the gorgeous Galaxy Yasmine Bag from Vivienne Westwood!
At £390 a pop I dont think I will be having this on my arm anytime soon but a girl can dream!

What are your thoughts on this gorgeous bag? 
Sian xo

Hair Inspiration

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Right now I am really lacking the love for my hair. I am currently growing out a undercut, and its just lacking everything I want in my hair. I have abused it and right now I am trying to save it with all the miricle products out there, so for now I have put together some hair inspiration! I really need it, as I need some ideas for my poorly hair :(

Whats your favourite hair style & colour at the moment? Anyone else need some hair inspiration?

Sian xo

*I do not own any of the pictures above.

MAC: Marilyn Monroe Collection!

Friday, 24 February 2012

I am very excited to say that finally, MAC are jumping onto the Marilyn Monroe bandwagon and releasing a collection dedicated to this iconic woman!

The limited edition collection is set to be released in october later this year, with 30.. yes 30! products including eyeshadows, inky eyeliners, vintage inspired nail varnishes and not forgetting Marilyn's signature red lipstick!

I personally cannot wait for this collection to come out! Marilyn is such a beautiful and iconic woman, and her look is used all the time for pinup inspiration!

Are you as excited as I am for this collection? 

Sian Ryan xo

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