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Friday, 17 May 2013

120ml & 50ml
I recently made a big MAC order (oops!) and have purchased some more foundations for my kit. Reason for this is I needed to upgrade to more 'pro' products for my clients and really I just love buying makeup ;) The 2 foundations I purchased from MAC were the Face and Body and the Studio Sculpt. I had purchased a bottle of Face and Body back in October to test on my self and after trying it on me and on shoots, I absolutely LOVED it!

I purchased 4 shades in 50ml which were: N2, N5, C1 and C3 and in addition had N1(50ml) from October and also White (120ml)

Shade N5
Face and Body comes in 2 sizes, 50ml and 120ml. 50ml retails at £20.50 and 120ml retails at £26.50 but I also had my MAC Pro discount on top of this too!

This product is water based so it is oil free and its good for all skin types! It doesn't have any SPF in it which for a makeup artist is a great bonus for shoots and weddings but make sure you put your SPF on with your skincare! This product however is a holy grail item for weddings and is a must have kit essential in many artists kits!
It is a runny consistency, but blended starts quite sheer & light coverage
 What I love about this is its not cakey or heavy on the skin, its in fact really light and I feel like my skin can breath. It also keeps the skin hydrated and provides natural looking coverage for up to 8 hours! It also gives a really glowy finish to the skin, but it can easily be matted with a nice powder!

The product itself is rather runny, as it is water based. I like to put this on with either a buffing brush or my fingers. I feel that a flat foundation is not the best and can sometimes leave a 'streaky' finish to the skin afterwards.

I really like the packaging, its made of plastic and has a little nozzle at the top. All you need to do is squeeze the bottle and you can get the amount of product you want out of the bottle. I find with pumps that you often get way too much product and it goes to waste!

Another thing I love to do is use this as a mixing medium for my cream foundations. I like to sheer them down with Face & Body so they are not so heavy and it gives a gorgeous glowy demi-matte finish with my RCMA Palette!

Hope you have enjoyed my review on Mac Face & Body foundation! Have you tried it and what are your thoughts?

Sian Ryan

Project Mermaid Hair

Monday, 13 May 2013

My Idea of gorgeous 'mermaid' hair.
It seems like forever since my hair decided to grow an inch for me, I mean I hardly blame it really, the way I have treated it in the past, yet I still yearn for gorgeous flowing long locks, aka mermaid hair (a la Kim K & Mila K) and hair extensions although they are a shortcut dont seem to make up for it 100%. So this is why I have decided to start my own little project, Mermaid Hair. This year alone my hair has been bleached and dyed to the high heavens, going pink, brown, pink, brown and blonde, blonde, pink, brown.. you get the idea and yet I wonder how my poor hair doesn't grow past my shoulders?!

The idea behind my project is get my hair nice and healthy, which should then help it grow a bit quicker? (I hope).

I have decided that to do this, I need to stop dying my hair, (Oh no!!) and use lots of lovely products to get it back to a nice healthy state.

I am going to dye my hair once with Garnier Olia Dark Brown 4.0 and then to keep the tone after use some wash in, wash outs. I feel like this is a great idea, as I wont need to dye my hair but can still top up the colour!

Shampoo & Conditioner
First up in my products is my shampoo and conditioner, I invested in the Loreal Absolut Repair Cellular from the Loreal Professional Expert Range. I had heard a lot of good things about this so I on the VAT free day I picked up the 1500ml Shampoo & 750ml Conditioner for around £22! I have started to use these already and feel like I can already see and feel a difference!

Up second is the famous Lee Stafford Treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length, wow that is a mouthful! This stuff has been raved about and I will be using it once a week as an intensive treatment for my hair!

Lastly, I have Osmo's Wonder 10 & Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. I already have posts about Wonder 10 here and you will find that I absolutely love this product! 10 in 1 magic potion!! The Loreal Elvive Oil is also one of my favourites, I run it through my hair whilst wet and it leaves it soft and shiny all day!

So there you have my products for my project. I will keep you updated on how my hair feels and if it growing! I will also be reviewing all the products listed above aswell!

Wish me Luck!
Sian Ryan

21 Things Before Turning 22

Saturday, 11 May 2013

As I turn 22 later this year, I have made a list of 21 things to do before the big day :)

1. Be qualified as a MUA & get insurance
2. Leave my current job to work on either a Makeup counter or for a makeup Brand
3. Lose 15kg
4. Spend more time with my blog, updating & giving it some TLC
5. Learn some photoshop, web design & photography skills
6. Give blood & donate for women
7. Get my work in a magazine
8. Assist amazing muas
9. Project Mermaid Hair
10. Finish my tattoo sleeve
11. Save at least half of the dollar for my surgery
12. Learn eyelash extensions, spray tanning & eye treatments
13. Be able to pole dance
14. Go IMATS
15. Get a DSLR camera
16. Get a rail card & go to london for jobs atleast 3 times
17. Work on a fashion show as a mua
18. Dye my hair half & half & grow it equal lengths
19. Go to a MAC Masterclass
20. Gain more experience and a fashion/creative portfolio
21. Be more social & make more friends!

Have you got things you want to do before your next birthday? :) Would love to hear them!

Sian Ryan

**Wow, Just updated this and so happy I have completed so much already <3

Met Gala 2013: Best Dressed

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Continuing from my previous post about the worst dressed from the Met Gala, I want to continue with a more positive and interesting post.. the best looks from the night!! Now personally, I thought that not many got it right, either they were too boring, (its Punk themed, c'mon?!) or it was a complete disaster!! Here is my top 3 looks from the people who got it right...

The first celeb who's look caught my eye was Sienna Miller. I absolutely loved the white dress and then the studded jacket and hair accessories. To me it was absolutely gorgeous and the makeup was kept quite simple, so not to overdo the outfit. Loved it!

The second lovely lady to catch my eye was Jennifer Lopez. I absolutely love the current hair trend of making long hair look short, and her really smokey eyes compliment the look completely!!

Third and finally, Nina Dobrev. Wow, her dress was absolutely amazing. I loved her overall look so much, she looked amazing! 

There were a couple of others that caught my eye, including Taylor swift who looked fab!, Coca Rocha, Blake Lively & the gorgeous Kelly Osbourne!! Who caught your eye for best dressed? You can check out all the photos from the Met Gala here

Sian Ryan

Met Gala 2013: The Worst

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Its that time again when all the celebrities get dressed up for the big Met Gala. This year's theme was Punk: Chaos to Couture. Personally, I absolutely love the theme, it means you can get really creative with your look, especially the makeup so I was really holding out for some showstoppers!

As always though, not everyone will float your boat, so I have picked my favourite best dressed and also my least favourite looks from the night. I would love to hear if you agree, and who was your ultimate favourite??

I will start with my least favourite. Honestly, I was quite shocked this year to see that I had more least favourites that most! The first one (not in any order) was Kim Kardashian. I love Kimmy, and give her credit, her makeup was on point but I will take away points for not being very creative and sticking to her normal fail safe look, apart from upping the amp with the lippy. But OH EM GEE, that dress?! Honestly as soon as I saw it, it reminded me of a very bad, 90's floral sofa! C'mon Kim...

The 2nd on my worst dressed list was Miley Cyrus. True, she definitely was rocking the Punk part of the theme, not sure on the couture part.. Her hair was the most eye catching part and it definitely was not in a good way! I think recently she seems to be going more for the 'shock factor' but overall, I hated the whole look! Not good Miley...

The third and final celeb who's look I definitely wasn't feeling was Ginnifer Goodwin. The Dress was okay-ish, but the makeup was way over board, Its easy to go too much with this theme I feel and hard to get it right and for me, she got it oh so wrong!! 

Thats my top three for the worst looks of the night, but some others included Madonna, Katy Perry and even Beyonce (it was the boots!) Ouch... Who was your least favourite?

Sian Ryan 

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