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Monday, 13 May 2013

My Idea of gorgeous 'mermaid' hair.
It seems like forever since my hair decided to grow an inch for me, I mean I hardly blame it really, the way I have treated it in the past, yet I still yearn for gorgeous flowing long locks, aka mermaid hair (a la Kim K & Mila K) and hair extensions although they are a shortcut dont seem to make up for it 100%. So this is why I have decided to start my own little project, Mermaid Hair. This year alone my hair has been bleached and dyed to the high heavens, going pink, brown, pink, brown and blonde, blonde, pink, brown.. you get the idea and yet I wonder how my poor hair doesn't grow past my shoulders?!

The idea behind my project is get my hair nice and healthy, which should then help it grow a bit quicker? (I hope).

I have decided that to do this, I need to stop dying my hair, (Oh no!!) and use lots of lovely products to get it back to a nice healthy state.

I am going to dye my hair once with Garnier Olia Dark Brown 4.0 and then to keep the tone after use some wash in, wash outs. I feel like this is a great idea, as I wont need to dye my hair but can still top up the colour!

Shampoo & Conditioner
First up in my products is my shampoo and conditioner, I invested in the Loreal Absolut Repair Cellular from the Loreal Professional Expert Range. I had heard a lot of good things about this so I on the VAT free day I picked up the 1500ml Shampoo & 750ml Conditioner for around £22! I have started to use these already and feel like I can already see and feel a difference!

Up second is the famous Lee Stafford Treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length, wow that is a mouthful! This stuff has been raved about and I will be using it once a week as an intensive treatment for my hair!

Lastly, I have Osmo's Wonder 10 & Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. I already have posts about Wonder 10 here and you will find that I absolutely love this product! 10 in 1 magic potion!! The Loreal Elvive Oil is also one of my favourites, I run it through my hair whilst wet and it leaves it soft and shiny all day!

So there you have my products for my project. I will keep you updated on how my hair feels and if it growing! I will also be reviewing all the products listed above aswell!

Wish me Luck!
Sian Ryan

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