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Friday, 17 May 2013

120ml & 50ml
I recently made a big MAC order (oops!) and have purchased some more foundations for my kit. Reason for this is I needed to upgrade to more 'pro' products for my clients and really I just love buying makeup ;) The 2 foundations I purchased from MAC were the Face and Body and the Studio Sculpt. I had purchased a bottle of Face and Body back in October to test on my self and after trying it on me and on shoots, I absolutely LOVED it!

I purchased 4 shades in 50ml which were: N2, N5, C1 and C3 and in addition had N1(50ml) from October and also White (120ml)

Shade N5
Face and Body comes in 2 sizes, 50ml and 120ml. 50ml retails at £20.50 and 120ml retails at £26.50 but I also had my MAC Pro discount on top of this too!

This product is water based so it is oil free and its good for all skin types! It doesn't have any SPF in it which for a makeup artist is a great bonus for shoots and weddings but make sure you put your SPF on with your skincare! This product however is a holy grail item for weddings and is a must have kit essential in many artists kits!
It is a runny consistency, but blended starts quite sheer & light coverage
 What I love about this is its not cakey or heavy on the skin, its in fact really light and I feel like my skin can breath. It also keeps the skin hydrated and provides natural looking coverage for up to 8 hours! It also gives a really glowy finish to the skin, but it can easily be matted with a nice powder!

The product itself is rather runny, as it is water based. I like to put this on with either a buffing brush or my fingers. I feel that a flat foundation is not the best and can sometimes leave a 'streaky' finish to the skin afterwards.

I really like the packaging, its made of plastic and has a little nozzle at the top. All you need to do is squeeze the bottle and you can get the amount of product you want out of the bottle. I find with pumps that you often get way too much product and it goes to waste!

Another thing I love to do is use this as a mixing medium for my cream foundations. I like to sheer them down with Face & Body so they are not so heavy and it gives a gorgeous glowy demi-matte finish with my RCMA Palette!

Hope you have enjoyed my review on Mac Face & Body foundation! Have you tried it and what are your thoughts?

Sian Ryan

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