WARNING: most amazing bag ever!!!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Thanks to the lovely Victoria from I have come across the most amazing bag I have ever set my eyes on!

This is the gorgeous Galaxy Yasmine Bag from Vivienne Westwood!
At £390 a pop I dont think I will be having this on my arm anytime soon but a girl can dream!

What are your thoughts on this gorgeous bag? 
Sian xo


AbsolutelyAbigail said...

Hiya! I found your blog after you followed me on twitter, thanks awesome blog :D Also, you have GREAT taste as i have been eying up this bag for a while now.. halfsies? haha xxx

Sian Ryan xo said...

aw wicked! & haha defo halfies!!! i am so in love with this bag its crazy!!! :) xxx

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