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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hello there, I would like to introduce myself. I am Sian Ryan and this is my very first blog post. For many months now I have watched from my computer screen, reading every word you lovely beauty & makeup bloggers write, and I have now finally decided I want to blog too! To me it seems like the perfect way to connect with the beauty community and also a new creative outlet for me to express my self and share my fabulous thoughts, day to day ponderings and my journey to hopefully becoming a make up artist.

So after me blabbering on, I feel I should give you some facts about me, so you can sort of get to know me abit better? :)

1. I'm Sian Ryan
2. Make up is my biggest hobby!! I adore it <3
3. I'm 20
4. Another passion and love of mine is tattoos! I currently have 23!
5. I'm extremely friendly, bubbly, fun and at the moment Im just trying to love life!
6. One of my goals this year is to rehome 2 Ferrets, and I shall call them Minxy & Charlie <3 Now Im Stuck on facts about me :( so I'll just babble on with a list of things I Love! Bordello Shoes, Nights Out, UD, Inspiration, Quotes, Late Nights, Texts, Being In Love, Cute Smiles, Brown Eyes, Glitter, Ghds, Ferrets, Apple, Doubles!, Mac Coats, Leopard Print, Matching Underwear, Kittens, Tattoos, £££, Doing Makeup, Friends, Driving About, Coca Cola, Penguins, Theme Parks, Hair Extensions, Bright Red Hair, Transformers, Megan Fox, Scary Films, Pubtimes, Xbox 360, COD/Halo, Sleeping, Summer, Writing, Music, Shopping, Black Eyes & Pale Lips, Big Hair, Cuddles, Family, Best Friends, Writing Letters, Volunteering, Getting Packages, Pauls Boutique, Betsey Johnson, Gaining A Follower, Tumbling, Stripper Heels, Pretty Dresses, False Lashes, Writing Lists, Cute Cupcakes, Animal Print, Blackberry Phone, Big Tvs, Memories.

Well this is rather a large post, for a blog that nobody will read but hey ho!
I Shall hopefully be updating alot more soon!

Sian Ryan x

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