Gingers & Gypsys

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Well, this is my second post and its more of a personal tone to what I wanted it to be! I'm currently staring at alot of make up, brushes & bags I ordered and purchased all waiting for a blog post of their own! But more important topics are to be discussed.

The first one being gypsys! Now you are probably thinking what a strange topic but infact its more on the subject of tattoos than gypsys themselves. You see on monday I had my beautiful gypsy design tattooed onto my thigh, and I've got to say, I LOVE her so much!!
The Lovely Lady Herself!

Second topic of the eve, is gingers! Another strange topic you say?! Well.. I like exciting & different hair, I like being bright and different! What has this to do with ginger you say? Well.. after being bright red/pink I went a more 'acceptable' reddy purple and after two weeks, I got rather bored, so for summer I thought I would start lightening up! So I used the oh so magical B4 Colour remover and the results where shocking! (shockingly good :p) but yes.. on things being different I thought I would like to be ginger, and walaaa I am now a marvellous Ginger Colour and I love it!!



Thats it for now lovelys!
What are your opinions on tattoos and gingers? :)

Skye Rose x


Kelly said...

Thank you for the comment :)
I really love your hair colour, it's very pretty. The red/purple was also nice, but the lighter red really suits you I think.

princessx said...

thankyou :) I'm really trying to go light this year and I will hopefully be achieving blonde in the upcoming months! Bring on summer aye ;-)

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